Chick Corea / Piano Improvisations

Armando Anthony “Chick” Corea nació el 12 de junio de 1941 en Chelsea, Massachusetts, EEUU.

Como líder o co-líder: Tones for Joan’s Bones (1966), Now He Sings, Now He Sobs (1968), Is (1969), Sundance (1969), The Song of Singing (1970), A.R.C. (1971), Piano Improvisations Vol. 1 (1971), Piano Improvisations Vol. 2 (1971), Inner Space (1972), Crystal Silence (1973, con Gary Burton), Bliss! (1973), Chick Corea (1975), The Leprechaun (1976), My Spanish Heart (1976), The Mad Hatter (1978), An Evening with Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea: In Concert (1978), Secret Agent (1978), Friends (1978), Delphi I (1979), CoreaHancock (1979), Duet (1979, con Gary Burton), Chick Corea & Lionel Hampton in Concert (1980, con Lionel Hampton), In Concert, Zürich, October 28, 1979 (1980, con Gary Burton), Delphi II & III (1980), Tap Step (1980), Greatest Hits of 1790 (1980, con Philharmonia Virtuosi of New York, conducida por Richard Kapp. Corea es piano solista en Mozart: “Elvira Madigan” y Beethoven: “Für Elise”), Live in Montreux (1981), Three Quartets (1981), Lyric Suite for Sextet (1982, con Gary Burton), Touchstone (1982), Trio Music (1982), Again and Again (1983), On Two Pianos (1983, con Nicolas Economou), The Meeting (1983, con Friedrich Gulda), Children’s Songs (1984), Fantasy for Two Pianos con Friedrich Gulda (1984), Voyage – con Steve Kujala (1984), Septet (1985), The Chick Corea Elektric Band (1986), Light Years (1987, con Elektric Band), Trio Music Live in Europe (1987), Summer Night – live (1987, con Akoustic Band), Chick Corea Featuring Lionel Hampton (1988), Eye of the Beholder (1988, con Elektric Band), Chick Corea Akoustic Band (1989), Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown (1989), Inside Out (1990, con Elektric Band), Beneath the Mask (1991, con Elektric Band), Alive (1991, con Akoustic Band), Play (1992, con Bobby McFerrin), Elektric Band II: Paint the World (1993), Seabreeze (1993), Expressions (1993), Time Warp (1995), The Mozart Sessions (1996, con Bobby McFerrin), Live from Elario’s (First Gig) (1996, con Elektric Band), Live from Blue Note Tokyo (1996), Live from the Country Club (1996), From Nothing (1996), Remembering Bud Powell (1997), Native Sense – The New Duets (1997, con Gary Burton), Live at the Blue Note (1998, con Origin), A Week at the Blue Note (1998, con Origin), Like Minds (1998, con Gary Burton, Pat Metheny, Roy Haynes, Dave Holland), Change (1999, con Origin), Corea Concerto – Spain for Sextet & Orchestra – Piano Concerto No. 1 (1999, con Origin), Corea Concerto (1999), Solo Piano – Originals (2000), Solo Piano – Standards (2000), New Trio: Past, Present & Futures (2001), Rendezvous in New York (2003), To the Stars (2004, con Elektric Band), Rhumba Flamenco (2005), The Ultimate Adventure (2006), Super Trio (2006, con Steve Gadd y Christian McBride), The Enchantment (2007, con Béla Fleck), 5trios – 1. Dr. Joe (2007, con Antonio Sanchez, John Patitucci), 5trios – 2. From Miles (2007, con Eddie Gomez, Jack DeJohnette), 5trios – 3. Chillin’ in Chelan (2007, con Christian McBride, Jeff Ballard), 5trios – 4. The Boston Three Party (2007, con Eddie Gomez, Airto Moreira), 5trios – 5. Brooklyn, Paris to Clearwater (2007, con Hadrien Feraud, Richie Barshay), The New Crystal Silence (2008, con Gary Burton), Five Peace Band Live (2009, con John McLaughlin), Duet (2009, con Hiromi Uehara), Forever (2011).

Con Circle: Circling In (1970), Circulus (1970), Circle 1: Live in Germany Concert (1970), Paris Concert (1971), Circle 2: Gathering (1971).

Con Return to Forever: Return to Forever (1972), Light as a Feather (1972), Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy (1973), Where Have I Known You Before (1974), No Mystery (1975), Romantic Warrior (1976), Musicmagic (1977), Live (1977), Return to Forever – Returns (2009), Return to Forever Returns: Live at Montreux (DVD, 2009).

Como músico invitado:
Con Anthony Braxton: The Complete Braxton 1971 (1977)

Con Marion Brown: Afternoon of a Georgia Faun (1970)

Con Donald Byrd: The Creeper (1967)

Con Stanley Clarke: Children of Forever (1973), Journey to Love (1975), Rocks, Pebbles and Sand (1980)

Con Miles Davis: Water Babies (1976, grabado entre 1967-68), Filles de Kilimanjaro (1969), In a Silent Way (1969), Bitches Brew (1970), A Tribute to Jack Johnson (1970), Black Beauty: Live at the Fillmore West (1977, grabado en 1970), Miles Davis at Fillmore: Live at the Fillmore East (1970), Circle in the Round (1979, grabado entre 1955-70), Live-Evil (1971), On the Corner (1972), Big Fun (1974).

Con Joe Farrell: Joe Farrell Quartet (1970), Outback (1971), Skate Board Park (1979).

Con Stan Getz: Sweet Rain (1969), Captain Marvel (1972)

Con Joe Henderson: Big Band (1996)

Con Elvin Jones: Merry-Go-Round (1971)

Con Chaka Khan: Echoes of an Era (1982)

Con Rolf Kühn: Going to the Rainbow (1971)

Con Pete La Roca: Turkish Women at the Bath (1967)

Con Hubert Laws: The Laws of Jazz (1964), Flute By-Laws (1966), Laws’ Cause (1968), Wild Flower (1972)

Con Herbie Mann: Latin Mann Afro to Bossa to Blues (1965), Standing Ovation at Newport (1965), The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd (1965), Monday Night at the Village Gate (1966)

Con Blue Mitchell: The Thing to Do (1964), Down with It! (1965), Boss Horn (1966)

Con Airto Moreira: Free (1972)

Con Wayne Shorter: Moto Grosso Feio (1970)

Con Gábor Szabó: Femme Fatale (1979)

Con Miroslav Vitous: Universal Syncopations (2003)

Con Sadao Watanabe: Round Trip (1974)



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